Here at Pretty Books, we have always put transparency and being real at the forefront of how we do business. We believe that the best way to help our small business community is to share our knowledge and best practices in an easy to understand and implement way. On this community page you will find resources to help you set up and manage accounting processes, loan trackers, toolkits and more you can use to take charge of your business' financials.
Small business owners are facing unprecedented challenges in the midst of COVID-19. Against the ever-evolving circumstances we are forced to make tough decisions on budgets, payroll, and the nature of our operations.
Cash flow management allows you to identify your exact cash inflow and outflow on a daily/weekly basis to better understand where your business stands in the immediate future. Establishing an iterative process and perspective to cash flow management helps you pivot quickly and take action as needed to keep you ahead of the game.
The practice of cash flow management and creating a runway is necessary to maintain the health of a company. Pretty Books believes that every business can benefit from understanding its cash flow and forecast for the immediate future. We have provided a presentation for you below to help you implement cash flow management into your business.
Here are some questions we address in our presentation:
  • Will I be able to make my next payroll?
  • What templates/tools can I use to quickly forecast my cash inflow and outflow?
  • What is my new, modified budget?
  • Where will my business stand in 90 days?
  • What is my cash flow runway?
What we cover:
  • How to track your cash flow
  • How to predict upcoming cash inflow and cash outflow
  • How to adjust your assumption
  • How to create a daily/weekly runway
  • How to evaluate your future cash position

In this presentation, we provide a PowerPoint and video walk through of how to manage your cash flow. There are two options in the presentation. One uses a traditional Excel toolkit to manage cash flow and the other uses Cashvue, a user-friendly app that helps forecast and model for your business.

These presentations cover the principles and foundations of the cash flow management process, actions to take weekly to predict your cash runway, and how to use your chosen tools to forecast and model for your business.

Download Presentation
Excel Toolkit

This toolkit can help you manually track your cash flow, forecast, and model for your business.

Cashvue App

Cashvue is a free app that uses rich visualizations to help you forecast your cash flow, track your cash status, and filter your data to help you get a good understanding of your cash flow.

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Though we cannot physically do the work for you, we will glady answer any questions you have regarding cash flow management.

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